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Cybele Getty Villa 57.AA.19 1Tuesday 4th April is Magna Mater in the Ancient Roman calendar; the festival of Cybele, Phrygian Great Earth Mother. 

Her priests took on female identities and clothing to commemorate her son Attis, who, following a castration, died of the wounds but was subsequently resurrected.

Image of Cybele (right) is from Wikipedia (credit Marshall Astor - Flickr: Cybele-with-a-Portrait-Head, Public Domain) 

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Violet Flame of Amenti
Mon 17th April (Easter)

Past Lives Workshop
Sat 8th April

Reyad Sekh Em (RSE)
Level 1 - Introduction
Wed 19th-Thur 20th Apr

Reyad Sekh Em 1 & 2
Practitioner Intensive
Wed 19th - Fri 21st Apr


Sun in Taurus
7 degrees
Moon in Cancer
5 degrees
Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon
4 days old
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