Mindful Alignment with your 11-chakras and Axiatonal Awakening


Mindful Alignment with your Chakras

6¾-hour course, worth ½ unit towards the RSE Level 1 (3 units in total): £66

Thurs 10th, 17th & 24th March 
6¾ hours, 3 x 7.15pm-9.30pm (GMT/UT)
Recordings of each Zoom session available
Late registrations accepted

75% cost reduction for anyone repeating RSE 1 training

You are guided through the 11-chakra system Joanna uses, from Base to Crown. Each chakra is balanced with the appropriate colour with the addition of relevant crystalline & angelic energies and the creation of a self-regulating filter. At the end of the chakra balancing, the meditation expands out to send healing throughout and beyond the world into far galaxies. Image of Joanna's 11-chakra system was drawn by Ella Tritton.

Testimonial: I just finished the Chakra Healing meditation. So lovely! I saw and felt all of the colors swirling and moving through, adjusting. The connection with the universe and heavenly bodies was fantastic. Sensed being able to share the healing with Gaia and all life, especially the ancient forests! Thank you so much, dear Jo!, Alyse Korn, USA, 4th April 2020.

Participants receive a distant Equlibrium Attunement (see below for more about an attunement). 

Geb & Nut imageThis special Equilibrium Attunement (also known as an Initiation) involves placing symbols into your aura which will permanently connect you with the Essene Angels Raphael (Sun), Gabriel (Moon), Melchisadec (Earth) and Pistis Sophia (constellations) as well as the Egyptian Deities Ra (Sun), Tehuti (Moon), Geb (Earth) and Nut (Sky).  Image, left, of Egyptian Deities Geb & Nut is by Jacqui Taliesin El Masry.

The ceremony also involves the nature angels Aratron and Achaiah and the Egyptian Deities Ausar (Osirus) and Aset (Isis).

As the course draws to a close, we have a fully guided Unity Consciousness & Axiatonal Realignment Meditation. Starting with a relaxation exercise, the medunity breath meditationitation connects the chakras and central meridian back to Universal source. We add the 10th and 11th chakras to the ones we worked with earlier. Inspired by the Unity Breath known by indigenous tribes, this meditation involves a trinity connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky. This is a Unity Consciousness meditation which awakens your axiatonal alignment and reconnects your energy field to the planetary grid and beyond. Image was drawn by Ella Tritton.

Testimonial: Thank you so much for that meditation. I am sure it is the most powerful and meaningful meditation I have EVER done! I really can't thank you enough! Sending you endless blessings of love and light, Adele Dyson, UK, 13th April 2020.